Proprietor and land Valuation
Orwell Parish Continued
Walter Thomson's part of Balengall Eighty Eight pound £88.0.0
John Rutherford for Knockover fifty Seven pound £57.0.0
Alexander Elder Junr. [Junior] part of Overcraigs Seventy four pound thirteen shilling four penys £74.13.4
John Rutherford part of Overcraigs Seventy four pound thirteen Shill [Shilling] four penys £74.13.4
James Robertson for Hurhead & 3d. part of Overcraigs Ninty pound Thirteen Shilling four penys £90.13.4
John Elders part Overcraigs Twenty pound £20.0.0
Edward Brown for Nethercraigs One hundered fifty Seven pound £157.0.0
James Robertson Junr. [Junior] for part Nethercraigs Ninty three pound £93.0.0
Andrew Horn of Thomanean Two hundered twenty three pound £223.0.0
Robert Arnot for Holtown Two hundered five pound £205.0.0
Croftmartine Ten pound £10.0.0
James Simpson for Maw and Carse fifty four pound £54.0.0
The whole Barrony of Burleigh Nine hundered Sixty pound. £960.0.0
Blairhead Thirty eight pound Six Shilling eight penys £38.6.8
Thomas Simpson Blairthort Two hundered fifty pound £250.0.0
Andrew Baveridge for Colliestown & Strenton Two hundered Thirty three pound Six Shilling eight pound £233.6.8
Drunzie Lands One hundered Twenty five pound £125.0.0
James Reddie for part of Coothel One hundered & Fifty pound £150.0.0
George Arnot for part of Airlery Two hundered Seventy Six pound Twelve Shilling Two penys & two thirds of a peny £276.12.2 2/3
Robert Coventry for part of Airlery One hundered Six pound Seventeen Shilling nine & one third of a peny £106.17.9 1/3
Lawrie of Burngrange One hundered Eleven pound Thirteen shilling four penys £111.13.4
James Skelton of Orwell One hundered Sixty pound £160.0.0
Walter Thomson Midletown Sixty Seven pound ten Shilling £67.10.0
Peter Thomson part of Midletown Thirty three pound fifteen Shilling £33.15.0
John Mailler part of Midletown Eight pound Eight Shilling nine penys £8.8.9
Mr.Thomas Mair part Midletown fifty pound Twelve Shill. [Shilling] Six penys £50.12.6
James Russell part of Midletown fifty pound Twelve Shill. [Shilling] Six penys £50.12.6
John Rintoul part of Midletown Eight pound Eight Shilling Nine penys £8.8.9
Robert Morison part of Midletown Fifty pound Twelve shill [shilling] Six penys £50.12.6
John Henderson Senr. [Senior] part of Nethertown fifty pound Twelve Shill [Shilling] Six penys £50.12.6
John Henderson Junr. [Junior] part of Nethertown Fifty pound Twelve Shill [Shilling] Six penys £50.12.6
Alexander Balmain part of Nethertown Thirty three pound fifteen shilling £33.15.0
Thomas Henderson part Nethertown Thirty three pound fifteen Shillings £33.15.0
James Baveridge part of Nethertown Thirty three pound fifteen shilling £33.15.0
John Henderson Easter part Nethertown fifty three pound Eight Shill [Shilling] nine penys £53.8.9
Peter Robertson part Nethertown fourteen pound one shilling three penys £14.1.3
Sum Valuation of Orwell Parish is Six Thousand Seven hundered Twenty Six pound Sixteen Shill [Shilling] eight penys Scots Money £6726.16.8
Arngosk Parish
Mr. Edward Brown for Midlerig One hundered thirty pound £130.0.0
John Adie of Auchteny One hundered fifty pound £150.0.0
Plains & Blair One hundered Seventy four pound £174.0.0
Mr.Dow of Glendymill One hundered pound £100.0.0
Candydewgly One hundered Seventy Six pound £176.0.0
William Lilburn of Smiddyhill Thirteen pound Six Shill [Shilling] eight pennys £13.6.8
Duncrivy One hundered Eleven pound thirteen shill [shilling] four penys £111.13.4
Hilton of Duncrivy One hundered Twenty five pound £125.0.0
Gollockmoor Sixty pound £60.0.0
Sum Valuation of Arngosk parish,is, One Thousand & fourty pound Scots. £1040.0.0
Portmoak Parish
Crawford of Powmill One hundered fifty pound £150.0.0
John White part of Pittindrich Eighty three pound Six Shill [Shilling] eight penys £83.6.8
Michael Bruce part of Pittindrich Eighty three pound Six shill [shilling] Eight penys £83.6.8
David White Meiklebalgedy Eighty pound £80.0.0
David Young part of Meiklebalgedy Eighty pound £80.0.0
Kinnesswood Town Two hundered and Sevent pound £270.0.0
Frederick Schaw for Balnethil One hundered fifty pound £150.0.0
Kinneston and Philipston Three hundered Seventy pound £370.0.0
Rylie Andrew Inglis Sixty Six pound thirteen Shill [Shilling] four penys 366.13.4
Kirkness One Thousand Two hundered pound £1200.0.0
David Low for Vain & 1/9 part Brackly Fifty two pound four Shilling five and one third part peny £52.4.5 1/3
John Low for 8th. parts Brackly One hundered Seventy Seven pound fifteen shilling six and 2/3d £177.15.6 2/3
Killmagadwood Thirty pound £30.0.0
David Arnot Portmoak Twenty pound £20.0.0
Andrew Tod for Feal One hundered Ninty four pound Two Shilling Eight penys £194.2.8
Westbowhouse One hundered Sixty three pound one Shilling one peny £163.1.1
Scotlandwell Two hundered Sixty Eight pound five Shill [Shilling] ten penys £268..5.10
Greenhead & Craigside Two hundered Seventy one pound fifteen Shilling Two penys half peny £271.15.2 1/2
Eastbowhouse Two hundered Eighteen pound thirteen Shill [Shilling] one peny £218.13.1
Little Arnot One hundered Seventeen pound four Shilling £117.4.0
Miss Anne Bruce Twenty pound three Shiling Eight penys £20.3.8
Westy & Malcolms Acres Thirty three pound thirteen Shill [Shilling] £33.13.0
Arnot Mill Sixty five pound One shilling Eight penys £65.1.8

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[Signed] James Stewart Michael Martin Peter Reid Collr. [Collector]

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[Signed] James Stewart, Michael Malcolm

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