Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Dalgetty Parish Scots
Robert Mowbray Cockairnie £395.6.8
Earl of Moray Leuchat £423.13.4
Sir John Henderson Otterston £325.13.4
Sir John Henderson Fordel £1861.0.0
Sir John Henderson Seafield £146.0.0
Earl of Moray Part of Fordel £1129.0.0
Earl of Moray Part of Fordel £270.0.0
Earl of Moray Part of Otterston £20.0.0
Earl of Moray Teinds £636.0.0
Earl of Moray Vicars lands £41.6.8
Earl of Moray Part of Leuchat £146.0.0
Dunfermline Parish
William Adam Woodend Craigincat £402.12.8
William Adie Grants Bank £15.0.0
Alexander Moncrieff Maronlanes Broomhead £162.10.0
Alexander Aitken Thornton £119.0.0
David Aitken Windyedge £46.0.0
George Aitken Loch-head £78.6.6
Thomas Anderson's heirs Headwell £51.0.0
David Betson Formerly I. Edie and Teinds £107.5.0
Adam Low Bowershall £20.0.0
Thomas Anderson East Baldridge £15.0.0
Town of Dunfermline East Baldridge £9.0.0
James Taylor East Baldridge £6.0.0
Robert Beath Foulford £63.0.0
George Brand Part of Balmule £20.0.0
Carried forward £1114.14.2
Dunfermline Parish Continued
Brought forward £1114.14.2
John Buntine Part of Pilmuir £21.4.0
Guildry of Dunfermline Flockharts acres £61.12.0
Robert Mudie Balmule £100.0.0
Robert Currer Piersons Balmule £195.0.0
John Sutherland Abbeypark £126.0.0
Thomas Hogg Clune and Teinds £108.19.2
John Syme Whitehouse £119.0.0
John Couston Dunfermline lands £58.3.4
John Mudie Cocklaw £236.13.4
Charles Durie Craigluscar £779.2.11
Henry Davidson Humble hall £34.10.0
Dunfermline Mill and Lands £212.6.8
Guildry of Dunfermline £78.0.0
Town of Dunfermline Lands £275.13.4
Gardners of Dunfermline Lands and Teinds £18.8.6
Gardners of Dunfermline Lands and Teinds £31.0.0
Guildry of Dunfermline Newlands acres £68.0.0
John Sutherland Part of Northfod and Teinds £111.5.10
Guildry of Dunfermline Teinds of Shearbrae & acres £6.13.11
Earl of Leven Teinds £193.0.0
Robert Dalgleish Dunnygask £300.6.8
Charles Durie Dunduff £97.0.0
Mr Robertson Barclay Duff £74.0.0
Revd [Reverend] Mr Mill Grants bank £25.0.0
Robert Currer Nether Dunduff £81.0.0
David Erskine £63.0.0
Earl of Elgin £3279.18.0
John Brown Northfod and Teinds of Pratis £119.17.8
William Wemys Fodd £123.5.0
John Stenhouse Southfod and Teinds £283.0.10
James Stenhouse Northfod £117.15.10
Adam Rolland Gask, Lathalmond and Teinds £317.7.11
Robert Wellwood Garvock £1809.3.0
Carried forward £10640.2.1

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