Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Dunfermline Parish Continued
Brought forward £10,640.2.1
Earl of Elgin Grange Cant £385.14.9
Robert Mowbray Grange Turnbull £71.10.0
Robert Ferguson Grange Turnbull £71.10.0
John Chalmers £45.5.0
Thomas Anderson part of Holebaldridge £21.0.0
Town of Dunfermline part of Holebaldridge £3.0.0
James Taylor part of Holebaldridge £6.0.0
Earl of Elgin Holls £76.13.4
J. Robertson Barclay Kavil, with teinds £540.7.2
Alexander Aitken formerly James Kellock £119.10.0
Thomas Scotland formerly A Kirkland £71.0.0
Henry Dewar Lassodie £589.13.4
John Mudie Lassodie mill £100.0.0
Thomas Purvis North Lathons £149.0.0
Thomas Purvis Lochend £133.0.0
James Hunt Logie £400.0.0
Adam Low Meldrums Mill £90.5.2
Robert Walker Masterton £228.0.4
Earl of Elgin Mitchells part of Baldridge £157.3.4
Henry Scotland Brieryhill formerly W Morres £107.11.6
Laurence Walls Mosside £63.0.0
William Hunt Pittencrieff £1007.6.8
Sir Charles Hackett Pitfirrane £1824.0.0
Shoval Blackwood Pitreavie £2109.10.9
John Mudie Windyedge £153.0.0
William Adam Roscobie £294.4.2
Town of Dunfermline £15.0.0
Peter Shorthouse Rhodes £6.0.0
Robert Mowbray Whitefield £341.2.9
Carried forward £19819.10.4
Dunfermline Parish Continued
Brought forward £19819.10.4
James Russell Pitreavies Masterton £310.3.3
John Wilson Transy £33.6.8
Marquis of Tweddale Teinds £1813.1.3
David Flockhart Craigduchie £217.12.1
Andrew Williamson Part of Garvock £20.0.0
James Gibson Part of Garvock £18.0.0
Dr [Doctor] Steedman Part of Garvock £20.0.0
Inverkeithing Parish
James Hunt Urquhart £425.0.0
Earl of Hopeton Rosyth £2268.0.0
John Brown Rottmells Inns £63.0.0
Robert Walker Balbougie £432.0.0
Robert Walker teinds of Balbougie £50.16.11
Capt [Captain] Mudies heirs Dales £103.0.0
Capt [Captain] Mudies heirs teinds of Dales £12.2.5
Sir William Erskine Lands formerly Sir David Shores £1324.0.0
Deduce purchased by Brigadier Genl [General] Preston £942.9.3 £942.9.3
Sir William Erskine Castland hill £381.10.9 £381.10.9
Sir John Henderson Pittadie £750.6.8
Sir William Erskine Spencerfield £639.13.4
teinds of Spencerfield £86.0.0 £725.13.4
Robert Moncrieff Teinds £10.4.7
Sir Philip Anstruther Teinds £18.10.0
Carried over £6182.13.11

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Robert Mowbray [note] 5/7ths redeemed
Thomas Scotland [note] now known as Hutton's Luscar
Sir Charles Hackett [note] LimeKilns £251.11.8
Remainder Halkett & Teinds

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Lands not traced in Roll:-
St Margaret's Stone & Tds [Teinds] £154.6.9
Transy - OVR [Old Valuation Roll] not raced in Roll
Parts of Millhills &c - John A. Beveridge £165.18.6
1/8 Masterton called Stenhouse & 5/7 of 1/8 of Masterton £329.18.5
1/8 Masterton & Southerfauld field £438.0.0
Garvock & Tds [Teinds] £288.0.5 not traced in this or 1820 Roll
Easter Gellets & Tds [Teinds] £347.1.6 - Earl of Elgin - not traced in this or 1820 Roll

Robert Walker [note] Teinds exhausted
Sir John Henderson [note] Teinds £73.0.0 exhausted
Robert Moncrieff [note] (exhausted)
Sir Philip Anstruther [note] (exhausted)

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