Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Kinghorn Parish Continued Scots
Brought forward £6858.13.4
Earl of Rosslyn Innertiel £1125.0.0
Earl of Rosslyn Tyrie £471.13.4
Lord Balmuto Mains, Muirton & Glebe of Balmuto £380.0.0
Lord Balmuto Mournhouse, Lamberts mill old Glebe and a part of Balmuto £413.10.0
Lord Balmuto Pitkinny £360.0.0
Earl of Morton Part of Grange £455.0.0
William Bruce £12.0.0
John Stocks £42.0.0
James Rutherford Templelands £34.0.0
David Sibbald Justicelands £56.0.0
Mr Wardlaw Kingsgate £31.0.0
Patrick Clark £18.0.0
Robert Beatson Kilry £261.16.0
Robert Hogg Nether Glassmont £457.10.0
Robert Beatson Nether Pitteadie £278.0.0
City of Edinburgh Inchkeith £50.10.0
David Sibbald Abden £673.10.0
Roseland £115.0.0
Over Mill of Kinghorn £49.18.6 £164.18.6
Mill-lands £77.5.6
Mr Shank Castle-rigg £369.14.8
Thomas Bruce Grange-myre £192.12.0

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(F378) Kilcrook & Laverocklands OVR [Old Valued Rent] £42.0.0 Scots to be traced.
Disposition by R Ferguson & his Trs [Trustees] to James Nairne of Claremont
dated 1st January, 2nd February & 11th & 12 March 1831. (See also F375 Raith File)

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