Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Kirkcaldy Parish Scots
John Anstruther Thomson Easter Touch £390.6.8
John Anstruther Thomson Wester Touch £164.0.0
John Anstruther Thomson Thirle duty out of Bogie £69.6.8
Robert Ferguson Barony of Raith £3173.13.4
James Townsend Oswald Bogie Wemyss £942.0.0
James Townsend Oswald Smeaton formerly Chalmers £113.0.0
John Whyte Melvill Bennochie £1253.0.0
Robert Ferguson part of Bennochie £114.0.0
Alexander Williamson now Portion of Bogie £72.0.0
Sea Box 2 acres £24.0.0
James Thomson Wester Bogie £410.0.0
Marquis of Tweddale Teinds £252.13.4
Robert Ferguson Abbotshall £3167.0.0
Sundries Balsusney acres £1309.0.0
Kinghorn Parish
Robert Ferguson Grange £854.13.4
Robert Ferguson Oxpit hole & Holyrood £42.0.0
Robert Ferguson Barony of Westfield £2318.0.0
Robert Ferguson Seafield £456.0.0
Robert Ferguson Boglillie £864.0.0
Robert Ferguson Vicars grange £224.10.0
Robert Ferguson Easter Balbarton £328.6.8
Robert Ferguson That part of Balbarton formerly Lady Balmuto's £264.10.0
Earl of Rosslyn Pitteadie £829.3.4
Earl of Rosslyn Bankhead £262.3.4
Earl of Rosslyn Stonnyhill £137.9.4
Earl of Rosslyn Longloch £82.10.0
Earl of Rosslyn Souther Glassmont £195.7.4
Carried forward £6858.13.4

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Balsusney acres [notes]
[left hand side]
(F323) - £17.18.4
(F377) Burgh of Kirkcaldy & J. Shields & Co - £80.0.0
(F410) Burgh of Kirkcaldy - £29.0.0
(F409) Trs [Trustees] of A. MacIndoe & OVR [Old Valued Rent] - £130.15.0
(F1127) Ch. [Church] of Scotland Trs [Trustees] - Part of Old Smeaton - £57.0.0
(F1194) Col. [Colonel] Oswald - Parts of Balsusney - £1047.12.4

[right hand side]
(Fully accounted for - See Note below - £1402.5.8)
(F1265) 12 1/2 acres of Balsusney £113.6.10 - Note
owing to a mistake only 1/2 of OVR [Old Valued Rent] was taken
(F1273) Misses Rutherford Aytown - £40.0.0

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