Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
PARISH of KILCONQUHAR (Contd) [Continued] Scots
Forward £5,698.13.1
Colonel Charles St. Clair Anstruther Thomson Parts of Nether Rires £108.16.11
Wester Newtoun £300.0.0 £408.16.11
Miss Jean Lyde Malcolm p [per] Tait & Crichton, W.S. [Writers to the Signet] Grange Arnott £319.6.8
Trustees of late Stamford Robert Lumsdaine Remainder of Lands originally Lathallan Spence £463.6.8
Bethune George Walker Morison Largo's Fawfield £84.0.0
Part of Bonthrons Fawfield £50.0.0
Fawfield (Muirs of Rires) £84.15.2
Bowhill (Muirs of Rires) £72.14.10 £291.10.0
John Henry Baxter Part of Bonthrons Fawfield £160.0.0
Part of Lands originally Lathallan Spence £14.0.0 £174.0.0
William Baird St. Ford Duddingston £551.13.4
Robert Clellands portion of St. Ford £530.13.4
Rottenrow Cotterland & Crooke £63.19.8
Grangehill, Dernies, butts Meadows of Kincraig £280.14.10 £1,427.1.2
Miss Gertrude Harrison Gourlay, Kincraig, Winchester, p [per] McKenzie & Kermack, W.S. [Writers to the Signet] Remaining lands of Kincraig £544.18.10
John Inglis of Colluthie, Wishart Orwell, E. Newport, p. [per] J. E. Grosset, Cupar Bruntshiels £218.10.0
Cumulo Valuation 1695 £9,546.3.4

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What is written on this page and on the foregoing page signed
by me is a true copy of the Valued Rent Roll of the Parish of Kilconquhar
as in the principal Roll in my Custody.
(Sgd) [Signed] William D. PATRICK
County Clerk
CUPAR 14th March 1895.

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