Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Br. [Brought] forward £7433.5.7
John Duncan of Kirkmay, Crail Balfour £124.0.0
Ramornie £164.0.0
Part of Barns, Isobel Fletcher £51.10.0
Part of Barns, Rollo Campbell £51.10.0
Part of Barns, W Duddingston £46.0.0
Part of Barns, D. Walker £33.6.8
Part of Barns. Lady Innergelly £6.0.0
Part of Barns, John Corsar £27.3.4
Part of Barns, John Simson £5.13.4
Barns Acres £112.10.0
Barns Acres A. Miller's Heirs £51.0.0
Remaining Lands of Wester Barn &c £1230.9.2
Lands originally rated in the name of William Moncrieff. £64.10.0
One half of D. Henderson's portion of Miller's Lands. £6.13.4
Sauchop part of Barns £54.5.4
Sauchop further from Barns. £5.12.6
Sauchop further from Barns. £21.17.10
Sauchop Woods part of Barns. £9.6.6
Sauchop further part of Barns. £23.13.6
J. Robertson's part of Barns. £5.3.8
Rev [Reverend] Henry Alexander Graham Sheppard. Two parts of Sauchop. £663.2.8
Broadleys £528.19.4
Part of Sauchop lying on the South side of the road from Crail to Balcomie. £288.19.6
W. A. Baird. Feuduty out of Troustrie and Sauchop originally rated in the name of the Duchess of Lauderdale. £28.13.4
Reps [Representatives] of late Marcus Brown, S.S.C., North St. David St., Edinburgh. Parts of Barns. £45.7.8½
Crail Fishing Box £35.9.7
Forward £11,174.7.2

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