Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Bt. [Brought] forward £11174.7.2
James Findlay, Tapefield, Crail Lands originally W. Stevenson's. £32.5.1
Thomas Key, Farmer, 56 High St. Crail
Barbara W., John K., Jessie A.W., and Thomas A. Duncan Todsgreen £183.0.0
Parish Council of Crail. Peatfield £45.0.0
Lands rates originally in name of the Kirk Session. £19.13.4
The Earl of Lindsay Brigglet Sheep Park, Brecks, Horse Park and Holmes. £411.17.1
Leyfield and others after disjunction of Eight acres sold to Sir Thomas Erskine. £324.5.2
Bearfield, East Backdykes, West Backdykes, Dovecot Park, and Garden Well Park and Kirk Park (Wormiston). £414.1.5
Trustees of Walter Irvine of Dunino. Kingscarden or Kingscairn Mill £57.0.0
Vestry of Episcopal Chapel, Pitteenweem. Lands originally rated in name of Alexander Bayne £18.0.0
Reps [Representatives] of George Miller Bowman. Nakedfield originally Alexander Leslie £155.13.4
George Young's Trust. Pittowie. £528.13.4
Twelve acres of Kirklands £90.19.3
Town of Crail. Feuduty. £10.13.4
Fishermen's Box Crail Five acres part of lands originally rated in name of the Laird of Pitairthie, James Moncrieff and William Robertson. £55.10.7
W. W. H. McGrady, Kilminning, Crail. Part of Nakedfield £65.16.0
Part of Robertson's share of Nakedfield £3.13.4
Acres of Nakedfield acquired from Lord Kellie. £56.0.4
Trustees of the late Dr [Doctor] A. Watson, Wemyss of Denbrae. Twelve computed acres of Nakedfield £131.12.1

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