Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Abdie Parish Continued Scots
Brought over £268.5.4 £1027.6.8
John Watt Waukmill of Denmill and 6 acres thereto belonging £42.13.7
John Watt Mill and Mill Lands of Denmill £201.4.0
John Watt Mill and Mill Lands of Lochmill £137.3.8 £649.6.7
Dr [Doctor] Henry Moyess Wester Lumbenny £365.16.6
Ninian Imrie Denmuir £651.0.0
Col. [Colonel] Simson Woodmill originally £816.0.0
Disjoined as follows
Mains of Woodmill £121.5.7
Braeside £175.6.7
Glebe of Woodmill £48.17.11
Cairniehall £230.16.4
Mill and Mill Lands of Woodsmill £99.16.0
Cowden £139.17.7 £816.0.0
James Anderson Inchry £193.0.0
James Anderson Catharine Balfour alias Catharine Mains portion of Berryhole £35.10.0 £228.10.0
Mrs Maitland Mcgill Lands and Barony of Rankeilor comprehending Lands of Lindores Grange, Gavin Anderson's portion thereof, and the Lands of Easter Braeside & Woodhead £1374.16.8
Carried forward £5112.16.5
Abdie Parish Continued
Brought forward £5112.16.5
Charles Maitland Ormiston, after disjunction of of the portion sold to Blyth £119.13.4
Charles Maitland Hattonhill £231.6.8 £351.0.0
Lord Duncan Parkhill £863.10.0
Dr [Doctor] Francis Balfour Half of the Barony of Kinnaird consisting of the lands of Bogtown, Blinkbonny and part of the Mains of Kinnaird £465.0.0
John Pitcairn The other half of the said Barony, consisting of the Mansion house of Kinnaird, offices, Parks, Land of Wester Kinnaird and Mains thereof and part of the Lands of Blinkbonny £465.0.0
William Anderson Part of Woods £11.14.6
William Anderson Part of Woods £21.0.5 £32.14.11
John Small Part of Woods £9.11.4
David Williamson Part of Woods £9.2.8
Andrew Wilson Part of Woods £5.15.2
Henry Hardie Part of Woods £5.19.6
[total] £7320.10.0

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It appears that sometime betwixt the year 1695 and 1728. 10/- [£0.10.0] Scots
has been lost in this parish from the original valuation. It also
appears that in the year 1718, Berryhole sold to Denmuir part
of the lands of Berryhole and which by Disjunction of 4th December
was declared to be £88.0.0, But this seems never to have been added
to Densmuirs valued rent, so it presumed the lands have been
bought back.

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