Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Cupar Presbytery
Abdie Parish Scots
Alexander Murray Aytoun £139.6.8
John Arnot Berryhole £388.0.0
Denmill originally £1006.6.8
Add part of the Woods of Ormiston purchased from John Blyth £8.16.5
now Disjoined as follows £1015.3.1
John Watt Mill and Mill Lands of Craigmill £109.14.11
John Watt Piece of Ground called Lecturers Inch £6.1.11
John Watt Part of Grange £152.8.6
carried over £268.5.4 £402.6.8

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Land Tax at 18/1 ⅝ [£0.18.1⅝] per £100
Scots of Old Valued Rent

Valuation Book
The County of Fife

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