Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward £4025.0.0 £562.14.5 9/12 £3312.14.1
3. That part of the East Sheep Park of Usan adjoining to the Chapel Mill of Usan, with said Mill and Mill Lands set in tack to Alexander Kidd G.Keith, Esq. £60.8.5 3/12
4. That part of the West Sheep Park of Usan in the Proprietor, Mr Scott's, natural possession, with the Grounds at and about the Mansion House of Usan, possessed by the Widow of Archibald Scott, Esq. G.Keith, Esq. £34.18.1
5. Salmon Fishings of Usan, G.Keith Esq. £54.9.0
[Total] £712.10.0
Baldovie £250.0.0 Baldovie Rev. [Reverend] Alexander Carnegy, £250.0.0
£4275.0.0 £4275.4.1
Increase on this Parish £0.4.1
Earl of Airly, £724.0.0 Cortachy Earl of Airly, £724.0.0
Wester Lethnot £100.0.0 Wester Lethnot Earl of Airly, £100.0.0
Easter Lethnot and Gella, £183.6.8 Easter Lethnot and Gella, From the oldest Cess Book extant (viz. that for the year 1748) it appears that these Lands had been previous to that date divided thus:
Easter Lethnot Earl of Airly £100.0.0
Gella, Earl of Airly, £83.6.8
[total] £183.6.8
Braeside £133.6.8 Braeside Earl of Airly, £133.6.8
Laird of Clovay £333.6.8 Clova By decree of division, dated 29th April, 1820, divided thus:
Lands of Callow, Earl of Airly, £35.18.0
Remainder of the Estate, comprehending the Lands of Kirkton, Arntibber, Ballenhard, Ballintyre, Braedownies, Tullomulloquhy, Doill, Claylich, Coldhame, Acharnies Easter and Wester with the mill thereof, Inchdowries Easter and Wester, and Manor Place of Clova, with the Mill and Mill Lands thereof, Hon. [Honourable] Donald Ogilvy, £297.8.8
[total] £333.6.8
£1474.0.0 £1474.0.0
The Laird of Dunne, £800.0.0 Dun and Langley-park
Whytfield £233.6.8
Kirkbuddo £100.0.0
Lady Dunninald, £600.0.0
Soamhill, £150.0.0
£1883.6.8 On a Petition presented to the Commissioners of Supply, in name of John Erskine of Dun, and James Scott of Commiston, the said Commissioners, by decree, dated 25th Sept. 1779, found that the valued Rent of these Lands, which amounts in Cumulo to £1883.6.8 fell to be divided as follows:-
The Proprietor of the Estate of Dun, Miss Erskine £1582.1.8
The Proprietor of Ecclesjohn -- £301.5.0
On a Petition, presented to said Commissioners by Mr Erskine and Mr Scott, it was found, by decree, dated 30th April 1782, that the valued Rent of a part of the Lands of Seamhill, then disponed to Mr Erskine by Mr Scott, was Miss Erskine £100.0.0
Leaving the remainder of the above £301.5.0 as the valued Rent of Mr Scott's Lands, now called Langley-park, James Cruickshank, Esq.. £201.5.0
[total] £1883.6.8
Hetherweek, £400.0.0 Hedderwick, G.Robertson Scott, Esq. £400.0.0
Baillie, Milne, £700.0.0 Balwyllo, David Carnegy, Esq. £700.0.0
£2983.6.8 £2983.6.8
Craigie, £1500.0.0 Craigie, By Decree of Division, dated 30th April 1792, divided thus: The Cess for these different Feus has hitherto been paid by the Proprietor of Craigie
1. David Ramsay's Feu, £9.0.0
2. John Peter's Feu, £13.0.0
3. James Peter's Heir's Feu, £13.0.0
4. Charles Guthrie's Feu, £30.0.0
5. Charles Guthrie for his Feu purchased from James Ballingall £25.0.0
6. Mr John Guthrie's Feu -- then David Neave's, £9.0.0
7. John Alison's Feu, £25.0.0
8. Hon. [Honourable] Walter Ogilvy's Feu, formerly Thomas Smart's, £10.1.4
9. James Nicoll's Feu, £42.15.9
10. Thomas Smart's Feu, £17.17.11
11. Andrew Croll's Feu, £ 8.16.0
12. Dr. Robert Small's Feu, £4.9.0
[total] £208.1.1
Carried over £1500.0.0

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