Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Lord Lundores, with his Feu-duty of Glenyla, Forfar, Methie, and others, £600.0.0 Lordship of Coupar, Hon. [Honourable] Archibald Stuart, £600.0.0
£600.0.0 £600.0.0
In the oldest Cess Book extant, viz. that for the year 1748, the valued rent of these Lands is stated thus :
Craig Scott, £3333.6.8 Rossie. Rossie, -- £2100.0.0
Dunninald, £633.6.8 Dunninald. Dunninald, -- £1212.14.1
Struockhill, £58.6.8 Usan Ulysses' haven, -- £712.10.0
In the subsequent Divisions these cumulos have always been assumed as the data on which the Divisions proceeded.
By Decree of Division, dated 30th April, 1774, the valued rent of Rossie is thus divided:
Lands and Barony of Rossie, as formerly holding Taxward, Horatio Ross, Esq. £1284.1.0
Lands and Barony of Craig, &c. holding Feu of the Crown, Horatio Ross, Esq. £815.19.0
[total] £2100.0.0
By Decree of Divisions, dated 31st January, 1788, the valued rent of Dunninald (which as above amounts to £1212.14s.1) is thus divided:
1. Pendicle of Broomknow, belonging to John Grame, Esq. G Keith, Esq. £12.9.3
2. Mains of Dunninald, Sunny, and Shadow halfs thereof, as well those parts in Mr D Scott's natural possession, inclusing the Farm of Boddin, as those parts possessed by John Leighton, James Mauchline, and Patrick Scott, with the Houses and Yards at Cotton, P. Arklay, Esq. £424.0.7 4/10
3. Town and Lands of Balkiellie, comprehending two fields in the natural possession of Mr D. Scott ; and the remainder as possessed by Patrick Scott, David Smith, Archibald Scott, David Mackie, John Valentine, and James Anderson, P. Arklay, Esq. £322.8.7 2/10
Carried over £4025.0.0 £758.18.5 6/10 £2100.0.0
Brought forward, £4025.0.0 £758.18.5 6/10 £2100.0.0
4. Town and Lands of Scotstown, called Scotstown Farm, Usan, Dollo, Dollofield of Usan, and Peatmyres, possessed by James Gibson, -- £263.10.11 8/10
5. Remaining parts of Scotstown, consisting of the Lands of Dennisfield, possessed by William Smith; Nursefield, by James Cuthbert; and Mudie's Croft, by Widow Mudie and Alexander and Isobel Robertson, and the triangle field at Peatmyres in the in the natural possession of D. Scott, -- £29.8.4 8/10
[total] -- £292.19.4 6/10
These last two parcels subdivided by decree, dated 30th April 1814, thus:
1. Two Parks or Enclosures, part of the Farm of Scotstown, sold by Mr Speirs to Mr Arklay, P. Arklay, Esq. £53.0.0
2. Remainder of the foresaid two parcels of Scotstown, retained by Mr Speirs, G. Keith, Esq. £239.19.4 6/10
6. Town and Lands of Broomknow, with that Gushet of Hogsfauld, formerly part of the Lands of Usan, now annexed to Dunninald, possessed by George Brown, £160.16.2 8/10
Subdivided by the above decree of 30th April 1814, thus:
1. Proportion of Broomknow and Gushet of Hogsfauld, sold by Mr Speirs to Mr Arklay P. Arklay, Esq. £24.0.0
2. Remainder retained by Mr Speirs, G. Keith, Esq. £136.16.2 8/10
[total] £1212.14.1
By decree of division, dated 27th June, 1803, the above cummulo of £712.10.0 being the valued rent of Usan, is thus divided:
1. Southlands of Usan, comprehending the Lands of Craigies, Struockhill, Middle Sheep Park, Hogsfauld, and part of West Sheep Park, under tack to Joseph Smith, G. Keith, Esq. £271.16.10 3/12
2. North Lands of Usan, comprehending Portfield and Easter Limekilns, Cotton Shade and Wester Limekilns, Wardlaw and New Cottonfields, Bank-park and Crookfield, Damfauld and Usan, part of Gowkhill, Lawdores, Middle Park and Barnshade, set in tack to Daniel McPherson, G. Keith, Esq. £290.17.7 6/12
Carried over £4025.0.0 £562.14.5 9/12 £3312.14.1

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