Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward £1500.0.0 £208.1.1
13. Lands in the natural possession of James Guthrie, Esq. -- £394.18.0
14. Lands called Mayfield, possessed by Widow of John Bell, -- £12.19.8
15. West Farm, possessed by James Mathew, -- £331.7.1
16. Middle farm, possessed by John Patullo, -- £272.0.9
17. Cottar Lands, possessed by William Strachan, -- £45.3.10
18. That part possessed by William Will Gardner, -- £11.3.9
19. That Farm possessed by William Clark, at Stobhall, -- £49.4.9
20. Lands possessed by George Gib, -- £5.11.10
21. Lands possessed by John Anderson, called Wright's Land, -- £6.11.10
22 Farm, called Greendyke, possessed by Robert Crammond, -- £135.4.9
23. Lands, called Quarry Lands, possessed by Alexander Cairncross, -- £7.16.8
24. Lands, called Smiddy Land, possessed by Alexander Brown, -- £6.11.10
25. That part possessed by Patrick Mill, -- £1.9.1
26. That part, called Sandy Braes, possessed by John Baxter, -- £5.11.10
27. James Alexander's possession in Cotton, -- £0.18.8
28. Alexander Daiker's possession in Cotton, -- £0.18.8
29. Patrick Smith's possession in Cotton, -- £0.18.8
30. That part possessed by James Mathew, Ground officer, -- £3.7.3
James Guthrie, Esq £1291.18.11
[total] £1500.0.0
Feuara of the Hill of Dundee, £750.0.0 Feus in Hillton, Feuars in Hillton, £750.0.0
Claverhouse, £600.0.0 Claypots and Milton, Lord Douglas, £600.0.0
Ballumbie, £100.0.0 West Ferry, Hon. [Honourable] William Maule, £100.0.0
Duntroon, £466.13.4 Duntroon and Craighill, By decree of division, dated 30th April are divided thus:
Lands of Craighill, purchased by David Blair, Esq. David Blair Esq. £93.19.1
Lands belonging to Miss Alison Graham, Miss Alison Graham, £70.1.9 1/4
Lands belonging to Mrs Stirling and her son William Stirling, Esq. William Stirling, Esq. £302.12.5 3/4 £466.13.4
Carried over, £3416.13.4 £3416.13.4
Brought forward, £3416.13.4 £3416.13.4
Baldovie and Drumgeich, £420.0.0 Baldovie, Drumgeith, Kellyfield, Montpellier, No Decree of Division can be traced dividing the Lands of Baldovie from Drumgeith; but in the oldest Cess Book extant, (1748) and in all subesquent years, they stand thus-
Baldovie, Drumgeith, £245.0.0 David Anderson, Esq. now Mrs. Kirkaldy, £175.0.0
From and entry in the Cess Book for the year 1798, it appears that the above Cumulo of £245.0.0 for Drumgeith had been divided by Decree dated 4th October, 1791, as under:-
1. David Fyffe for Drumgeith, Patrick Kerr, Esq. £141.4.0
2. James Smith for Kellyfield, James Lorimer, Esq. £95.18.0
3. Thomas Reid for Montpelier, John Alison, Esq. £7.18.0
[total] £420.0.0
Pitkerro, £466.15.4 Pitkerro, Mungo Dick, Esq. £466.13.4
Wallace Craigie, including his acres, £253.6.8 Wallace Craigie, In the Cess Books ever since 1748, the Lands of Wallace Craigie have stood at £233.6.8 being £20.0.0 less than the original Valuation; but as it does not appear that any part of the Lands have been disposed of, the decrease is supposed to have arisen from a clerical mistake in transcribing the Cess Books. The £20.0.0 lost sight of is, therefore, now added, Constable, Esq. £253.6.8
Bailie Thomas Watson, £20.0.0 Bailie Watson's Lands, William Wilson £20.0.0
Earl of Lauderdale, for Dudhope, £1735.0.0 It has been found imposible to trace the remaining Lands in this Parish from the entry in the original Roll, down to the present time. The Cess Book for 1748 has, therefore, been assumed as the ground of the following entries, and the Lands deduced from that date to their present Proprietors.
Hospital of Dundee, for Stible's acres, £40.0.0
John Pierson's acres, £25.0.0
Mr George Anderson, £12.10.0
Inverightie's acres, £12.10.0
James Balfour, £12.10.0
Carried over, £6414.3.4 £4576.13.4

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