Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward £8399.6.8 £8043.14.10
David Cargill, £20.0.0 Sold to David Hay in 1775 John Hay, Esq. £20.0.0
Carmichael's Mortification £155.0.0 Carmichael's Mortification £155.0.0
John Johnston £25.0.0 Kirk Session of Arbroath, and Dr. Stevenson £25.0.0
Barber's Croft £20.0.0 James Peter £20.0.0
David Scott £10.0.0 Dr [Doctor] John Stevenson £10.0.0
David Dorward £20.0.0 John Dorward £20.0.0
Smiddy Croft £18.0.0 Mr William Colvill £18.0.0
£8299.6.8 £8311.14.10
Increase on this Parish £12.8.2
*1 By Decree of division, dated 2 Oct 1821, the Lands of Auchmithie and half Lands of Newton, now called Abbethune, valued at £503.7.5, are thus divided:
The eastmost half of the Town and Lands of Newton of Aberbrothwick, sold to Robert Scott Esq. Robert Scott Esq. £70.4.9
The West Mains or Upper Town of Auchmithie, possessed by John Finlay. The East Mains, and those parts of West Mains of Auchmithie, possessed by James Thomson, reserving therefrom three fields called the Paddocks. The Lands of Seafield and Nethershed, possessed by James Thomson, Mayheugh and Hurnesswells, and Fisherpark, sold to The Earl of Northesk £247.4.11
The remaining part of Auchmithie, lying on the south side of the road leading from Arbroath to the fishing village of Auchmithie, still belonging to John Rolland, Esq £185.17.9
[total] £503.7.5
*2 By Decree of Division, dated 30 Apr 1821, the Lands of Kirkton, belonging to James Weir, are divided as follows, viz.
Part of said Lands, sold to John Hay, Esq. of Letham, John Hay, Esq. £30.13.1
The remainder of said Lands still belonging to Mr James Weir £37.6.11
[total] £68.0.0
*3 By Decree of Division, dated 1 Oct 1822, the Lands belonging to Provost Greig's heirs, which are valued at £70.6.6 are thus divided:
1. Two lots belonging to John Lindsay John Lindsay £
2. One lot belonging to John Stewart John Stewart £10.13.9
3. One lot belonging to Margaret Greig Margaret Greig £
4. One lot belonging to George Kyd George Kyd £15.12.8
[total] £70.6.6
Strathmartine, including Baldovin's purchase £550.0.0 Strathmartine and Baldovin
Robert Bultie's acres £80.0.0
Baldovine £550.0.0 No Decree of Division of these Lands can be traced, but ever since the year 1748, the date of the oldest Cess Book extant, they have stood in the Cess Book thus:
Strathmartine Representatives of Admiral Laird £713.14.4
Baldragon Representatives of Admiral Laird £80.0.0
Baldoven Sir John Ogilvy, Bart. £386.5.8
£1180.0.0 £1180.0.0

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