Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £7023.6.8 £486.0.0 £6223.6.8
In the Cess Book for the same year, the
Earl of Northesk's valued rent is stated,
in Cumulo, at -- £1571.17.6
Of which, in parish of Inverkeillor, -- £1256.17.4
Leaving for his Lordship's Lands in parish
of St. Vigeans, -- £315.0.2
being £1.0.2 more than the original valuation.
Inde - Lord Northesk's Lands, Earl of Northesk £315.0.2
[total] £801.0.2
Cairnton £66.13.4 Cairnton Earl of Northesk £66.13.4
It has been found impossible to trace the remaining Lands in this parish, from the date of the original valuation roll in 1683, to the date of the oldest Cess Book 1748. The valuation, as it stood in 1748, is therefore given in the second column, and the subsequent divisions, are traced from it; and not as in other cases, from the original roll in 1683.
Almeriecloss, £450.0.0 Almeriecloss, -- £350.10.0 In the Cess Book for the year 1760, and from that time down to 1790, the Lands of Almeriecloss are stated in cumulo at £509.14.8 being £0.10.0 less than the amount of the opposite parcels of which the Lands are composed. From an entry in the Cess Book of 1790, it appears the foresaid cumulo of £509.14.8 was divided thus:
Ward Miln £150.0.0 Mr Inglis -- £25.8.0
Newgate £90.0.0 John Kenny, -- £8.6.8
Provost Wallace £100.0.0 John Gillespie, -- £15.0.0
Bailie Ramsay £20.0.0 Provost Allardice, -- £18.0.0
Alexander Ramsay £6.13.4 David Greig, -- £101.6.8 W[illiam Kerr of Dumbarrow Robert Lindsay, Esq. £127.12.0
Mr. Alexander Inglis £70.0.0 part of, -- £93.0.0 James Watson, Arbroath. -- £53.4.0
Patrick Lyell's Heirs £20.0.0 £510.4.8 By Decree of Division, dated 03 Oct 1815, divided thus:
Thomas Hamilton £80.0.0 The ground sold by Mr Watson to Robert Lindsay, Esq. Robert Lindsay, Esq. £27.18.10
David and George Ouchterlony £40.0.0 Grounds feued by Mr Watson James Watson, Esq £25.5.2
Carried over, £8116.13.4 £180.16.0 £7091.0.2
Brought forward £8116.13.4 £180.16.0 £7091.0.2
Henry Petrie £16.13.4 John Colvill, Town Clerk Mr Colvill's Heirs £24.14.8
William Smith £10.0.0 John Colvill, Town Clerk Mr Colvill's Heirs £95.14.4
John Petrie £10.0.0 Mr John Gowans, Lunan, David Jamieson £36.15.4
John Milne £8.6.8 Robert Addison, Flaxdresser Robert Addison £37.2.0
William Esplen £13.0.0 Mr Alexander Hay John Hay, Esq. £23.0.0
John Peter's relict £15.0.0 George Cooper, Slateford James Marine £85.2.4
John Lamb's wife £15.0.0 Provost Greig £26.10.0 vide below. £483.4.8
John Anderson £26.13.4 Andrew Black £75.0.0 These Lands were acquired by Provost Greig, and, together with the above £26.10, being his purchase of part of Almeriecloss, formed a cumulo of £141.10. From an entry in the Cess Book for the year 1793, it appears that that cumulo was divided thus:
William Esplin £10.0.0 James Duncan, £40.0.0
David Dorward £20.0.0
David Cargil £20.0.0 £115.0.0
Alexander Pierson £18.0.0 Lands sold to Dr Stevenson, John Rolland, Esq £30.12.2
Remaining with Provost Greig £110.17.10
By Decree of Division, dated 01 Oct 1816, the above £110.17.10 divided thus:-
Lands belonging to Provost Greig's Heirs
Provost Greig's Heirs £70.6.6*3
Lands belonging to R. Keith Robert Keith £40.11.4 £141.10.0
Stewart Lyell's two acres in Ponderlawfield £16.13.4 By Decree of Division, dated.........1775, divided thus:
Part of David Greig's Lands, (valued at £101.6.8, of which went to Almeriecloss, as above) £8.6.8 Lands sold to David Milne, (See above, in Division of Panmure's Feus, for Fen-duty, £3.6.10) James Anderson £22.6.8 1/2
Lands sold to Dr John Stevenson John Rolland, Esq £20.8.5
Newgate, £90.0.0 Lands sold to James Molison John Rolland, Esq. £44.3.10
£115.0.0 See above, in Division of Panmure's Feus, for Fen duty of £10.14
Lands sold to William Gardner James Gardiner £
Lands sold to David Hay John Hay, Esq. £ £115.0.0
Wardmiln, and acres in Ponderlawfield £213.0.0 From an entry in the Cess Book for the year 1790, these Lands appear to have been divided thus:
Town of Arbroath £167.4.0
Acre in Ponderlawfield, sold to Dr. Stevenson John Rolland, Esq. £45.16.0 £213.0.0
Carried over £8299.6.8 £8043.14.10
James Watson, Arbroath £53.4.0

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