Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
£ s. d. PARISH OF STRICKATHROW. £ s. d. £ s. d.
The Lord President, £750.0.0 Dunlappie, Earl of Kintore, £750.0.0
Stracathrow, £1250.0.0 Strickathrow, By Decree of Division, dated 1st October, 1765, these Lands are divided thus:
Ardo, Syde, Mill of Syde, and Marketfoord, retained by Captain Turnbull, Alexander Cruikshank, Esq. £418.9.9
Remainder of the Estate, sold by Captain Turnbull to Colin McKenzie, L. [Pounds] 831 10s. [shillings] 3d. [pennies]
By Decree of Division, dated 15th March, 1768, the above L. [Pounds] 831 10s. [shillings] 3d. [pennies] is divided thus:
Westertown of Strickathrow, Heugh-head, Ketley, and Broomward of Strickathrow, Millden, Mill thereof, Mill-lands, and astricted Multures, disponed by Colin McKenzie to Dr. [Doctor] John McKenzie, Alexander Cruikshank, Esq. £380.18.11
Eastertown of Strickathrow, Sunny, and Shadow-half of the Lands of Drimmie, and Salmon Fishings of the same and Manor place of Drimmie, reserved by the said Colin McKenzie in the disposition to Dr. [Doctor] John McKenzie, Alexander Cruikshank, Esq. £450.11.1
Lost in the last Division, £0.0.3
Earl of Southesk, £100.0.0 Adicate, Sir James Carnegy, Bart. [Baronet] £100.0.0
Newton Livingston, £166.13.4 Newton, By Decree of Division, dated 11th June, 1804, these Lands are divided thus :
A piece of haugh ground, consisting of about one acre and seven falls, lying on the south side of the water of Cruick, disponed by Charles Hay, Esq. to Adam Gillies, Esq. Mrs Hay Mudie, £4.1.1
Remainder of the Estate, Mrs Hay Mudie, £162.12.3
Smiddiehill, £233.6.8 Smiddiehill and Muirton, By Decree of Division, dated October 1, 1799, divided thus:
Smiddyhill, as possessed by John Hobb, Mr Speid of Ardovie's trustees, £155.11.2
Muirton, Trustees of W. Turnbull, Esq. £77.15.6
Ballunie, £180.0.0 Ballunie, Mr Speid's representatives, £180.0.0
Mill and Mill-lands of Newton, £133.6.8 Newton Mill, Sir George Ogilvy, Bart. [Baronet] £133.6.8
£2813.6.8 £2813.6.8
Earl of Strathmore, £1066.13.4 Coull and Tannadice, By Decree of Division, dated 16th June, 1767, divided thus:
1. Lands and Estate of Coull, formerly sold by the Earl of Strathmore to James Ogilvy, Esq. and the superiority disponed to Sir William Nairne, James Ogilvy, Esq. £397.0.0
2. Mill and Mill-lands of Tannadice, Balduckie, and East-side of Meikle Coul, feued by the Earl of Strathmore to Mr Thomas Lyon, and the superiority disponed to Mr Brown of Glasswell, James Ogilvy, Esq. £282.3.4
3. Lands of Middle and Upper Balgillos, Barnyards, and that part of the Kirkton of Tannadice possessed by William Wilkie and his subtenants, belonging to Margaret Arbuthnott, heiress of Findowrie, and James Carnegy Arbuthnott of Balnamoon, her husband, -- £387.10.0
Findowrie, £180.0.0 Markhouse and Muiryhillock, -- £180.0.0
[sub total] -- £567.10.0
The above two properties—the valued Rent of which amount together to £567 10s [shillings] —both belonged to Mr Carnegy of Balnamoon. On the sale of Tannadice to Mr Ogilvy, Mr Carnegy applied to have the valued rent divided, which was accordingly done by Decree, dated 16th February, 1801,—the valued rent of both being assumed as the cumulo for division:
1. Lands sold to Mr Ogilvy, consisting of Barnyards, as possessed by James Rattray, Over Balgillo, as possessed by William Bailie, and Kirkton of Tannadice, as possessed by James Wilkie, Charles Ogilvy, Esq. £386.10.0
2. Markhouse and Muiryhillock, Captain Skene, £150.16.7
3. Howmuir, Captain Skene, £30.3.3
Lost in the division, £0.0.2
Mr James Cramond, £180.0.0 Balgillo, George Skene, Esq. £180.0.0
Little Balgillo, £166.13.4 Balgillo, The Rev. Dr [Reverend Doctor] Nicoll, £166.13.4
Glenquich, £100.0.0 Glenquich, Dr [Doctor] McLagan, £100.0.0
Carried over, £1693.6.8 £1693.6.8

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