Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £2444.6.8 £2444.10.0
Alexander Geekie for Wester Baldowrie, £133.6.8 Wester Baldowrie, William Geekie, £133.6.8
Rosehaugh for Airdlair, £523.6.8 Ardlair, James Stuart M'Kenzie, Esq. £523.6.8
Rosehaugh for West Kiellor and half of East Kiellor, £682.10.0 West Keillor an half of East Keillor, James Stuart M'Kenzie, Esq. £682.10.0
Fotherans and Viscount of Stormonth's Feu, £371.0.0 Lintrose, The article of £8.6.8 stated in the Original Roll under the title of Viscount of Stormonth, appears to be comprehended in this sum, John Murray, Esq. £371.0.0
Peattie, £171.6.8 Part Pircur and part Lintrose, This is the same article which is entered in the Original Roll under the title "David Ogilvie's half of Peattie."
From an entry in the Cess Book for the year 1789, it appears to have been divided as follows, but the Decree of Division has not been found:
One-fourth of Peattie to the Earl of Aboyne, Hon. [Honourable] D. G. Hallyburton £85.13.4
One-half of Mill Lands of Peattie to the Earl of Aboyne, Honourable D. G. Hallyburton, £14.5.6
Remaining Lands, John Murray, Esq. £71.7.10
[total] £171.6.8
North Bandirran and half of Lord Yester's Feu, £238.10.0 Bandirran North Bandirran, per Original Roll, -- £200.0.0
Lord Yester's Feu, per Original Roll £77.0.0 -- one half, -- £38.10.0
Miss Drummond. £238.10.0
Kirklands and half of Lord Yester's Feu, £128.10.0 Newhall, Kirklands, per Original Roll, -- £90.0.0
Lord Yester's Feu, per Original Roll £77.0.0 -- one half, -- £38.10.0
Mrs Alison £128.10.0
Templelands, £20.0.0 Templelands See Original Roll, Hon. [Honourable] D.G. Hallyburton, £20.0.0
Corseton, £58.6.8 Corseton Honourable D.G. Hallyburton, £58.6.8
£4771.6.8 £4771.6.8
Increase on this parish, £0.3.4
Balfour, Younger £800.0.0 Balfour and Ascreavies, From the oldest Cess Book extant, viz. that for the year 1748, it appears that the Lands of Ascreavies had at some former period been separate from Balfour. They are there entered as follows:
Ascreavie Col. [Colonel] Young £133.6.8
By Decree of Division, dated 29 Apr 1820, the remaining cumulo of £666.13.4 for the Lands of Balfour, was thus divided:
West Division, comprehending all the Lands on the southwest side of the public road leading from Kirrymuir to Glenisla, by Kirkton of Kingoldrum, and north-west by the Farm of Greenmire, and which west division includes the Lands of Mains of Balfour, Mill of Kingoldrum, part of Mill Lands, Multures, &c,; Lands of Cairnleath, Nether Mill and Kirkstile, Thomas. Farquharson, Esq. £400.0.0
East Division, comprehending the Lands on east and north side of said road, including the Farms of Kirkton of Kingoldrum, Broadmuir, Bog and Boglies, Whirrock, and others, Thomas. Farquharson, Esq. £266.13.4
[total] £800.0.0
Persie, Lindsay £250.0.0 Pearsie In the foresaid Cess Book, for the year 1748, and in all subsequent years, these Lands have been entered, in cumulo, at £433.6.8 being an increase of £0.6.8 on the original valuation. Inde,
Wester Persie £183.0.0 Pearsie Charles Wedderburn, Esq. £433.6.3
Baldovie, £333.6.8 Baldovie, Thomas. Farquharson, Esq. £333.6.8
Kincluin, £320.0.0 Kinclune, including part of Baldovie By Decree of Division, dated 1 Mar 1763, divided thus:
1. Tarriewhring, Burnside, and part of Waltonhall, Burnside, Reidburn, and the Rest of Waltonhall, sold by Alexander. Stormonth to Dr. [Doctor] Thomas Ogilvy, Thomas Farquharson, Esq. £114.12.4
2. Two-eight parts of Kinclune, purchased by John Rait in Ballchalk, George Raitt £83.1.2
3. Remainder of the Estate, then in the natural possession of Alexander Stormonth, Dr. [Doctor] Stormonth £122.6.6
[total] £320.0.0
£1886.6.8 £1886.13.4

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