Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Earl of Northesk, and for Redcastle, including his Tiends, £3287.13.4 Eathie and Redcastle, No Decree can be traced dividing the Baronies of Eathie and Redcastle; but from the oldest Cess Book extant (1748) they appear to have been divided and are there entered, as under:
Eathie, Earl of Northesk, £1256.17.4
Redcastle £2030.16.0
for 1745 read 1754 By Decree of Division, dated 29 Oct 1745, the valued rent of the Lands of Balblain (the superiority of which then belonged to Captain James Kyd) is found to be -
Balblain Hon. [Honourable] W. Maule £73.15.10
By Decree of Division, dated in the year 1767, the valued rent of the Lands of Inshock, Mill of Inverkeilor, alias Kirkton Mill, with lands, multures, &c., the town and lands of Fallaws, and town and lands of Grange, is found to be - Honourable W. Maule £544.1.4
Remainder of the Barony, Honourable W. Maule £1412.18.10
[total] £2030.16.0
Old Lady Boysack, £666.13.4 Boysack, &c. W.F. Lindsay Carnegie, Esq. £666.13.4
Young Lady Boysack, £533.6.8 Boysack, &c. W.F. Lindsay Carnegie, Esq. £533.6.8
Biysack £666.13.4 Boysack, &c. W.F. Lindsay Carnegie, Esq. £666.13.4
Lawton £266.13.4 Lawton, and part of Boysack, By Decree of Division, dated 12 Mar 1756, divided thus:
Muirale-house and Fall-hills, purchased from Mr Gardyne of Middleton by Mr Carnegnie of Boysack, W.F. Lindsay Carnegie, Esq. £43.18.10
Remainder of the Estate, purchased from Mr Gardyne by Provost Wallace of Arbroath, William Henderson, Esq. £222.14.6
[total] £266.13.4
Bonnitown, £766.13.4 Anniston, ----Raitt, Esq. £766.13.4
Brynington, £166.13.4 Bryanton David Carnegy, Esq. £166.13.4
Earl of Panmure's feu and tiend, £125.0.0 Feus, Hon. [Honourable] William Maule, £125.0.0
£6479.6.8 £6479.6.8
Pitcur, £1800.6.8 The Lands in this Parish having undergone various changes of Proprietors, and having been mixed together between the date of the original Valuation Roll and the date of the oldest Cess Book (1748), it has been found impossible, in several instances, to connect the valued rents in the Cess Book of 1748 with those in the original Roll. The valuations as in the Cess Book of 1748 are therefore placed below, and the different alterations deduced from that period to the present time.
Bishop of Aberdeen £1000.0.0
Agnas Hallyburton £200.0.0
Fotherans £800.0.0
Kirklands of Ketnes, £90.0.0
Westown and Over Corstown, £293.6.8
North Bandirran, £200.0.0
David Ogilvy's half of Peattie, £171.6.8
Seasyd's part, £85.13.4
James Cathrow Greenburn, £25.0.0
Templelands to Thomas Ogilvy, £20.0.0
Viscount of Stormonth, £8.6.8
Earl of Tweddaill's Feu, £77.0.0
Pitcur, £2311.0.0 Pitcur, BY Decree of Division, dated 2 Aug 1784, the Lands of Pitcur, which are there stated at the cumulo valued rent of £2311.3.4 are divided thus:
1. One-fourth of Peattie, held of a subject superior, N.B. - This appears to be the Lands called, in the Original Roll, Seasyd's part. Hon. [Honourable] Douglas G. Hallyburton £85.13.4
2. Barony of Gask Honourable Douglas G. Hallyburton £192.15.0
3. Barony of Pitcur, Honourable Douglas G. Hallyburton £528.6.2
4. Lands of Ballunies, Honourable Douglas G. Hallyburton £265.17.0
5. East-town end of Kettins, and Pitdownie or Baldinny, Honourable Douglas G. Hallyburton £469.9.3
6. Balgillo or Hallyburton, Honourable Douglas G Hallyburton £547.18.4
7. Abden of Kettins, Honourable Douglas G Hallyburton £211.4.3
[totsl] £2311.3.4
William Geekie's Heirs £133.6.8 Easter Baldowrie James Steele £133.6.8
Carried over, £2444.6.8 £2444.10.0

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