Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £666.13.4 £666.13.4
Commissar Wishart, £300.0.0 Hiltown of Guthrie, &c. No Decree or Division of these Lands can be traced. Ever since 1748, (the date of the oldest Cess Book extant,) they have stood in the Cess Books in two divisions as under; and the above Decree, dividing the Lands of Guthrie, finds (from a Certificate by two Commissioners and the Clerk of Supply, produced) the Valued Rent of Hilton of Guthrie to be £150.0.0
Hilton of Guthrie, John Guthrie, Esq. £150.0.0
Mr Watson of Turin's Lands, Alexander Watson, Esq. £150.0.0
[total] £300.0.0
Kirkbuddo, £533.6.8 Kirkbuddo, By Decree of Division of the Valued Rents of the Lands claiming an interest in the Muir of Downie dated 25 June 1772, divided thus:-
Those parts of the Lands of Kirkbuddo, claiming an interest in the Muir of Downie, (particular Lands not mentioned), Francis Erskine, Esq. £512.3.7
Remainder of the Estate, Francis Erskine, Esq. £21.3.1
[total] £533.6.8
£1500.0.0 £1500.0.0
By Minute of the Committee of 21 March 1821, approved of by the General Meeting of 30 April thereafter, the Lands belonging to Mr Watson of Turin, hitherto entered in the Parish of Kirden, are ordered to be transferred to Guthrie, in respect they are locally situated in that Parish.
Inde Langlands Alexander Watson, Esq. £134.13.8
Powrie, £1154.0.0 Fotheringham By Decree of Division of the valued rent of Lands, claiming a right to the Muir of Downie, dated 25 June 1772, divided thus:
Lands of Ovenston, Carret, Bractullo, Latchriggs, Wardhead, and Hatton, claiming a right to said Muir, Col. [Colonel] Fotheringham, £305.17.1
Remainder of the Estate, Colonel Fotheringham, £848.2.11
[total] £1154.0.0
Labothie, £50.0.0 Labothie, Colonel Fotheringham, £50.0.0
Balgeirsho, £133.6.8 Balgersho, Colonel Fotheringham £133.6.8
The Countess of Ethie, £333.6.8 That part of Fotheringham in the old parish of Meathie, Colonel Ftheringham, £333.6.8
Inverighty, £216.13.4 Inverighty In the oldest Cess Book extant (that of 1748), and in all subsequent years, the Estate of Inverighty is stated in cumulo at £341.13.4 which is the exact amount of the opposite four articles in the original roll; as the different lands cannot now be distinguished, the above cumulo of £341.13.4 is here entered. Inde Colonel Laurenson, £341.13.4
David Ogilvy, £41.13.4
John Mitchelson £53.6.8
David Thomson £30.0.0
Wester, Meathie, £208.6.8 Wester Meathie, James Webster, Esq. £208.6.8
Kincaldrun, in Meathie and Inverarity, £766.13.4 Kincaldrum & Easter Meathie, No Decree can be traced dividing the Lands of Easter Meathie from Kincaldrum, - but they have stood separate-
ly in the Cess Book ever since the year 1760, as under:
Easter Meathie, -- £219.11.8
Deduct in Forfar parish, -- £66.13.4
John Watt, Esq. £152.18.4
Kincaldrum, -- £547.1.8
By Decree of Division, dated 2 August 1796, the foresaid cumulo of £547.1.8 as the valued rent of Kincaldrum, divided thus:
Those parts of Kincaldrum disponed to Lieut. [Lieutenant] Sinclair, Robert S. Graham, Esq. £111.10.5
Remaining part of Kincaldrum, being that part then possessed by G. Webster, including the Lands called Kincriech, Robert S. Graham, Esq. £435.11.3
[total] £700.0.0
N.B. - There appears to be £66.13.4 lost on the Lands of Easter Meathie. These Lands ever since they were separated from Kincaldrum have paid cess on £219.11.8 and £66.13.4 of that sum is entered in the parish of Forfar, the sum applicable to Inverarity is only £152.18.4 as above entered. In the meantime, the deficiency is entered as it has stood for many years past, and can afterwards be added when the matter is fully investigated.
£2987.6.8 £2920.13.4

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