Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £1886.6.8 £1886.13.4
Accharrach, £133.6.8 Aucharrach, Hon. [Honourable] Donald Ogilvy, £133.6.8
Earl of Airly, £395.0.0 Barony of Kingoldrum, Earl of Airly, £395.0.0
Earl of Panmure £140.00 Panmure Feus, Hon. Honourable] William Maule £140.00
£2554.13.4 £2555.0.0
Increase on Pearsie, as above, £0.6.8
Earl of Southesk £1600.0.0 Part of Kinnaird Sir James Carnegy, Bart. [Baronet] £1600.0.0
Kinnell, £500.0.0 Kinnell, Hon. [Honourable] William Maule, £500.0.0
Easter Braikie, £600.0.0 Easter Braikie, Messrs. Alison and Laing, £600.0.0
£2700.0.0 £2700.0.0
Laird of Bonniton, £663.13.4 Idvies, John Baxter, Esq. £666.13.4
Kinneries, £100.0.0 Kinneries, John Watt, Esq. £100.0.0
Gardine, £266.13.4 Gardine, Alexander Lyell, Esq. £266.13.4
Lawton Elder £333.6.8 Part Gardine, and part Middleton, No Decree of Division can be traced, but from the oldest Cess Books these Lands appear to be divided thus:
Gardine, Alexander Lyell, Esq, £150.00
Middleton, Thomas Gardyne, Esq. £183.6.8
[total] £333.6.8
Lady Balrownie, £183.6.8 Middleton Thomas Gardyne. £183.6.8
£1550.0.0 £1550.0.0
Brought forward, £1550.0.0 £1550.0.0
Pitmuis in Idvie and Guthrie, £533.6.8 Part Middleton, Pitmuies, Froick, Longlands, These Lands had been divided as under, but although some of the procedure is extant, the decerniture is lost; however, the Division appears in the Cess Book for the year 1756. N.B. -- The Decree is recorded, and bears date 2 Feb 1756.)
Mill and Mill Lands of Pitmuis, to Mr Gardine of Middleton, Thomas Gardyne, Esq. £135.3.4
Lands of Friock and Waulkmiln, belonging to Miss Ogilvy, Thomas Gardyne, Esq. £118.13.0
Mains of Pitmuies, belonging to Balmadies, James Mudie, Esq. £144.16.8
Langlands, &c. to Mr Watson of Turin, Alexander Watson, Esq £134.13.8.
[total] £533.6.8
Marquis of Douglas's Feu out of Pitmuies, £15.0.0 Feu of Pitmuies In the Cess Book for 1748, and in all subsequent years, this Feu Duty is stated at £15.10.0 Lord Douglas £15.10.0
£2098.6.8 £2098.16.8
Increase on this Parish, being on Lord Douglas's Feu, £0.10.0
By minute of the Committee, of 21 Mar 1821, approved of the the General Meeting of 30th April thereafter, the Lands of Langlands, &c. belonging to Mr Watson, were ordered to be transferred to the Parish of Guthrie, in respect they are locally situated in that Parish.
Laird and Lady Brigtoun, £547.10.0 Brigton, By Decree of Division, dated 29 Apr 1775, divided thus:
Sir Patrick Lyon, £501.0.0
That part of the Estate, sold by William Douglas, Esq. to Lord Strathmore, Earl of Strathmore, £122.15.0
Remainder of the Estate, -- £925.15.0
Carried over, £1048.10.0 £122.15.0

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