Parish Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
No. 52. Strathmartin Parish Scots
David Laird Esq Strathmartin £793.14.4
Sir Walter Ogilvy Bank of Baldovan £386.5.8
Total Valuation for this Parish £1180.0.0
No. 53. Stracathro
Mr Cruickshank's heirs Stracathro £831.10.3
Sir David Carnegie Adicate £100.0.0
Lord Kintore His Lops [Lordship's] lands £750.0.0
Mr Speid's Representatives Ballunie £180.0.0
Mr Speids Trustees Smiddyhill £155.11.2
Mr Turnbull Muirton £77.15.6
Mr Ogivy Mill of Newton £133.6.8
Charles Hay Esq Newton £166.13.4
Mr Cruickshanks heirs Ardo £418.9.9
Total Valuation of this Parish £2813.6.8
No. 54. Tannadice Parish
Mr Carnegie of Balnamoon Markhouse, Maryhillock £181.0.0
Mr Ogilvy Kirkton, Balgillo etc £386.10.0
Mr Simpson Easter Ogle £200.0.0
Mr George Lyon Part of Easter Ogle £100.0.0
Mr George Lyon Wester Ogle £700.0.0
James Ogilvy Esq Coul etc £1217.10.0
John Ogilvy Esq Inshuan £400.0.0
John Ogilvy Esq Easter Memus £133.6.8
John Kinlock Esq Cairn Newmill etc £256.0.0
Lord Airly Kinnalty £282.12.7
James Kerr Woolflaw £40.0.0
Mr Laing Bankhead £70.13.4
Dr [Doctor] Mclaggon Glenquich £100.0.0
Mr Moncrief Whitewell £145.0.0
Mr Allardice Wester Memus £166.13.4
Mr Ogilvy's heirs Balgillo £166.13.4
Mr Skene Balgillo £180.0.0
Mr Lyel Turfachie etc £230.13.4
Total Valuation of this Parish £4956.12.7

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