Parish Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
No. 51. Saint Vigeans Parish Scots
Mr John Colvil Part of Almericloss £120.9.0
Robert Holden Part of Almericloss £36.15.4
Robert Lindsay Part of Almericloss £127.12.0
James Watson Part of Almericloss £53.4.0
Robert Addison Flaxdresser Part of Almericloss £37.2.0
Provost Greig's Heirs Part of Almericloss £26.10.0
Mr Alexander Hay Part of Almericloss £23.0.0
Mr George Coupar Part of Almericloss £85.2.4
John Rolland Esq Auchmithie £733.6.8
Mr Strachan of Tarry Wester Seaton £266.13.4
Mr Strachan of Tarry Easter Seaton £276.9.8
Mr Strachan of Tarry South Tarry £400.0.0
Mr Strachan of Tarrry Fews of S [South] Tarry & W [West] Seaton £10.5.1
George Chaplin Esq Colliston £453.6.8
Mrs Stephen Letham £500.0.0
Sir Walter Ogilvy Cairnie £333.6.8
Provost Gray's heirs Their lands £84.7.10
Town of Arbroath Wardmill £167.4.0
William Moir Esq Newgrange £350.0.0
William Moir Esq 1/2 of Grange of Conan £151.13.4
Robert Lindsay Part of Grange of Conan £38.2.6
William Henderson Esq Part of Grange of Conan £113.10.10
John Niven Esq Peebles £133.6.8
Lord NorthEsk Cairnton £66.13.4
George Lyell Esq Dickmontlaw £190.3.8
Alexander Anderson His lands £25.13.6
Alexadner Hay His lands £45.10.6
Dr [Doctor] Stevenson's Heirs Their lands £151.14.5
Kirk Session of Arbroath Ther lands £25.0.0
William Gardner His lands £2.10.6
William Scott Barbers Croft £20.0.0
Mr Charles Allan Lochland £266.13.4
Major Fraiser Hospital field etc £292.0.0
James Keir Part of Kirkton £68.0.0
Carmickaels Mortification Their lands £155.0.0
William Buik His lands £10.0.0
Carried forward £5840.7.2
No. 51. St Vigeans Parish Contd [Continued]
Brot [Brought] forward £5840.7.2
John Dorward His lands £20.0.0
Henry Burt Smiddy Croft £18.0.0
The Revd. [Reverend] Mr Aitken North Tarry £486.0.0
Mr Mudie Burnton £40.0.0
Alexander Duncan Esq Parkhill £150.0.0
The Honble [Honourable] William Maule His lands £850.0.0
The Honourable William Maule Fews £234.4.6
Mr Auchterlony Fews £14.4.4
Mr Gardyne Fews £76.15.3
Lord North Esk His Lop's [Lordship's] lands £315.0.2
Mr Ogilvy Ruives & Park of Conan £233.6.8
Mr Auchterlony Brax £33.6.8
Total Valuation of this Parish £8311.4.9

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