In view of the outstanding historical importance of Iona and the fact that many of its
monuments are substantial and well preserved, it has been decided to devote a
separate volume of the Inventory of Argyll to the island. It follows that this volume,
unlike others so far published in the series, deals mainly with ecclesiastical
monuments, most notable the Early Christian monastery and medieval abbey of
Iona, but all known monuments of other classes have been included. Another new
feature-and one that is likely to be adopted for the rest of the series-is the change
in printing-process from letterpres to lithography; this has enable the layout to be
modified in order to achieve a closer integration of illustrations and text, and to
produce economies leading to a reduction in costs. Apart from these modifications,
details of which will be found in the Editorial NOtes (p. Xiii), the volume follows the
patter set by its predecessors.



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