vii Chairman's Preface
viii List of Commissioners
ix Twenty-second Report
xi List of Monuments which the Commissioners consider to be
most worthy of preservation
xiii Editorial Notes and acknowledgements
xv Conversion Tables, metric to British values
1 Introduction
Inventory of the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Iona
29 Prehistoric Monuments
Ecclesiastical Monuments, including
31 Early Christian Monastery
49 Abbey
152 Nunnery
179 Funerary Monuments, Crosses and other Carved Stones
245 St Oran's Chapel
252 Domestic Architecture
252 Townships and Shielings
254 Industrial Monument
256 Miscellaneous
259 Abbreviations used in the references
265 Notes
281 Glossary
285 Index
I-VII Plans, elevations and sections of Iona Abbey
on end -papers Map showing Inventory volumes published


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