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down the stream along the "shin" of the hill
only to discover at Orchard no bridge and a
swollen unpassable river. This meant a further
struggle through wet woods and up steep banks
for 3/4 m. [mile] more till we struck a track bringing us
to a bridge spanning a picturesque glen and
eventually to our car blessing the O.S. [Ordnance Survey] officer
for his ignorance.

Kirkconnel Par. [Parish] (2)
A mile and more up the Kiln Burn the 6"
map marks the remains of a "stone circle". Here
the same gentleman has been making observa:
:tions! On an elevated plateau overlooking the
burn on its left bank are the foundations of an
old enclosure with those of rectangular
buildings in the interior - probably the site of
a croft - and of no moment.

[Margin] ?Cross socket Orchard

In a meadow between the road and the
Crawick Water and some [--] yds. [yards] S. [South] of the cottages
at Orchard is a large squared block of stone of which
Mr. Watson has the dimensions - with two rectang:
:ular oblong sockets [--] ins. [inches] apart sunk on the
top. The stone has been very roughly squared
and the edges of the hollows are much worn
down. On the W. [West] side beneath each mortise
there has been rudely carved a cross, equal armed
with the arms expanding from the intersection

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