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The trench from crest to crest has a breadth of from
20' to 23' except towards the steep bank on the NE. [North East]
where its width & depth are considerably diminished. Toward
the E [East] a traverse projects across the trench which
may have been the line of entrance to the plateau.
The spoil of the trench has been thrown up to form
a mound on the counterscarp which along the
E [East] arc is of uniform level with the central plat.
Somewhat to the W. [West] of the centre of the interior
is a circular hollow some 8' in diameter and
2' in depth - an excavation which has not been
made in recent times but probably not original

The O.S. [Ordnance Survey] marks a Stone circle on the
summit of Knockenhair, a hill rising to a
height of 1325 ft [feet] on the E [East] side of the Crawick
Water. There being no bridge near it I had to
cross the road a mile further up and make
a long, hot walk to the top only to find
that the "stone circle" was a ring of small
stones and earth the remnant of a demolished
cairn. Having told the chauffeur to take the
car down to Orchard if there was a bridge
there and to blow his horn to us as a signal
and not having heard the warning note we
toiled halfway back towards our starting point
then seeing the car was gone we betook ourselves

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