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Glencairn Par. [Parish] Holmhead Hill. Small Cairns.
On the SW. [South West] flank of Holmhead Hill
and about 1/2 m. [mile] E by N. [East by North] of Dalwhat is a
group of four or five small cairns situated
like so many in this region at an elevation
of 800' above sea level, and near the source
of a small stream. Two or three of them have
been dug into in the centre but no cist is exposed
in anyone of them. The largest is stoney all over,
and measures 20' in diameter with an elevation
from the lowest side of about 2'.
A very wet afternoon has enabled me to
clear off arears of notes.
By the side of the Dalwhat water just
below Caitloch house opening through
a rock, at so slight an elevation above the
level of the burn that the stream must
frequently flood it, is a miners' gallery
similar to that at Billies between Castle
Douglas & Kirkcudbright, and the one
cleared out by Mr. Maconochie on the
Boon Water in Lauderdale. All are simi:
:larly situated close to a stream probably
for a twofold reason - the getting at the rock
in section and the proximity of water for
washing. In the Caitloch "Cave", which extends
inwards, I should think some 60', at two

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