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trenches, the rampart preserved for a short distance
only on the N. [North] and S. [South] sides where it abuts on the
Western bank, and the trench recognisable more
by the darker colour of the vegetation than by
the slight depressions on the surface. The
rampart has a breadth at base of some 38'. The
darker vegetation indicating the trench is in two
parallel lines in front with a slightly higher level
between, but as over all the double lines only
measure 25' they probably represent a single
trench filled in. These lines are traceable
from the W. [West] flank Eastwards for a distance
of 212' on the S. [South], and, owing to the irregular line
of the base from which they start, rather more on
the N. [North], and are lost beyond the rounded angles
where they pass along the face of the plateau above
the low lying ground on the E. [East]. The area thus
enclosed has measured approximately [--].
Near the centre of the N. [North] and S. [South] ends are breaks in
the vallum which represent entrances, that on
the N. [North] side 38' wide and that on the S. [South], 36'.
The lines of darker vegetation indicating the trench
are brought to
junction on either side though on the upper
or W. [West] side of the S. [South] entrance this is now somewhat
indefinite. At the entrance to the larger
enceinte from the S. [South] the trench coming from

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