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and a trench 30' wide and 5' deep between
the latter and the outer mound. The intermediate
rampart has a breadth at base of 28' and a
height of 7'. There has been an entrance
about 8 feet wide
into the upper enclosure from the ravine near
the centre of the E. [East] arc at a low level, above
which the rampart rises on either side to a
height of from 6' to 7'. The ground immediately
before this entrance is wet and there appears
to be a spring in it. Beyond the lower
enclosure the promontory projects
with considerable declination to the side of
the burn. To the northward as shown
on the plan there stretches into the moorland
for a distance of a hundred yards or so
a deep hollow some 36' wide and from 7' to 8'
deep terminating abruptly at its upper end.
(I wonder if this had something to do with
the flooding of the ravine from the burn, as
the former is marked "The Lake" on the map.)

Eskdalemuir Par. [Parish] Garvald
On the top of Garvald Hill some 500 yds. [yards]
to the W. [West] of Garvald farm house and at
an altitude of 993' over sea level are two contiguous
enclosures surrounded by slight earth and
stone banks. They are situated the one above
and the other at the base of a outcrop of

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