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measuring in greatest height 4'.8", in breadth
3'.5" and in thickness 1', and faces WSW. [West South West] and ENE. [East North East]

4th July 1912.
A few feet out from the buttress at the SW. [South West] end
of the mortuary chapel in the graveyard at

[Margin] Heraldic.

Staplegorton is a table stone with an illegible
inscription on the lower end of which are carved
two heraldic shields to be blazoned thus:- the
dexter shield on a field [--] three mullets; the
sinister, on a bend a mullet at fess.

Langholm Enclosure Staplegorton
This enclosure is situated about 400 yds. [yards] N. [North] of
Staplegorton churchyard at an elevation of
some 450 above sea level on the lower slope of
the Golf Hill about 80 yds [yards] distant from its
termination at the [--] burn on the E. [East]. It is
in form an irregular oval narrowing to the
E. [East] end, and measuring some [--] by [--].

[Margin] The plan of this does not seem to conform. Examine it

On the upper side especially it has been hollowed
out to a considerable depth the Scarp at the
W. [West] rising to a height of some 20' above the
general level of the interior unsurmounted
at its crest by any wall or rampart.
Around the flanks and across the lower
end there runs however, a broad stony
mound some 16' wide at base where
best preserved raised to a height of 2' to 3'
from the outside and rising on the inside

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