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it gives on a hollow way flanked for some
60' on the left by a slight bank which appears
to be stony where it merges with the rampart
Except in rear of the NW. [North West] arc of the rampart the
interior is very wet.

Fort. Shiel Burn
This fort is situated on declining ground
on the SE. [South East] extremity of Craigie Hill some 500 ft. [feet]
above sea level, & about 1/4 m. [mile] from where the burn
debouches on the Esk. It is only some 200 yds [yards]
distant from the last described which lies in
full view less than 100' lower down the hill side. It
is foursided but not truly rectilinear only one
side, the E. [East] being approximately straight,
and the angles are rounded. It lies
? foursquare to the cardinal points of the
compass and measures 160' by 167'. A
massive rampart surrounds it rising
as much as 9' on the upper or W. [West] side above
the ground immediately in rear of it
and imperceptibly blends into the Eastward declination
of the interior. In front of the rampart is
a trench measuring from crest to crest
from 38' to 40' in width with a scarp
varying in height from 6' to 10' and counter:
:scarp from 4' to 7'. The trench is lost at
the NE [North East] angle where the ground falls

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