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sharply away but reappears to the S. [South] of the
entrance which occurs towards the S. [South] end of the
E. [East] side. At its termination the counter:
:scarp makes a return to the rampart. The
entrance is some 10' wide and opens onto the
lowest level of the interior area with higher
ground encircling it. The interior surface
is very uneven numerous hummocks of
rock obtruding over it.

Enclosure. Burnfoot unnoted
At the top of the high bank overlooking Burnfoot
house from the N [North] and [--] yds. [yards] to the Eastward
of the glen of the burn are the remains of a
circular defensive construction which has
been surrounded by a broad rampart
rising some 5' to 6' above the level of the
interior. Much of the area is under crop,
the periphery in places is destroyed and
a gardener's cottage stands within it. The
approximate diameter is 200'.

Enclosure. Burnfoot unnoted
On the opposite side of the glen of the burn
some [--] yds. [yards] to the Westward and just
in front of the shepherd's cottage is a
large artificial hollow excavated on
ground sloping from the W. [West] to a
depth of from 5' to 6'. and measuring
in diameter about 140'. There is no indication

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