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base along the face of the crag and measures
interiorly about 140' by 125', but as the
wall which surrounds it is an extreme state
of ruin accurate delimitation is impossible.
On the NE. [North East] some 30' out from the wall of this
inner enclosure there runs an outer and
approximately parallel wall with a return
at the edge of the steep slope on the N. [North]. The
area thus marked off is divided into two
unequal enclosures by a cross wall some 70' distant
from the face of the crag. From the N. [North] end
of these enclosures, where it abuts on the summit
enclosure an outer wall following the line
of the edge of the ridge & subsequently crossing
it swings round towards the face of the
crag on the S. [South] separated from it by a
long natural hollow. Towards its Southern
extremity this outer wall swings outward
somewhat so as to enclose a natural hollow
marked H. on the plan. The walls have been
of considerable size and ruin from the
inner wall on the N. [North] measures some 25'
across. A plan & elevation made by Mr.
F.R. Coles from a block lent by the Soc. [Society] of
Antiq. [Antiquities] of Scotland may be reproduced.
This plan appears to be as accurate as

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