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bank on the E. [East] where a disordered mass of
stones may indicate the previous existence of a
wall. From this direction there is a suggestion
of a road leading up the slope. The highest
point of the interior rises to a height of about
9' to 10' above the level of the scarp at the sides.
From N [North] to S. [South] the area within the defences measures
about 96' and from E [East] to W. [West] about the same.

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In the park to the W. [West] of the house is an octagonal
brick dovecot about 15' in height and measuring
across each face of the octagon 6'.8". It is
probably a late 18th or early 19th century construction.

Cairn Kirroughtree (20)
In a strip of plantation and about 1/4 m. [mile] N W. [North West] of
of Kirroughtree there are the remains of a
circular cairn consisting of a ridge of
stones lying E [East] and W. [West] apparently
across the centre with an elevation of about
3'.6" & breadth of 12'. The original diameter
of the cairn is indefinite but appears to
have been about 60'.

Minnigaff Churchyard.
Within the ruined church of Minnigaff at the
E [East] end and built into the N. [North] wall is a square tablet
bearing in black letter the inscription "Hic
jacet Patricius M'Ke de Caloda me fecit
fieri" surrounding a shield & supporters
which may be blazoned

[Margin] (see Harper p.222)

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