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? Cairn (23) Kirroughtree
On a slight hillock on the N. [North] side of the
park about 1/4 m. [mile] E [East] by S. [South] of Kirroughtree house
there is a small round grassy mound
marked "cairn" on the O.S. [Ordnance Survey] map. It measures
in diameter about 24' and in elevation 2'.6".
A hollow on the top indicates probably that it has
been excavated.

"Parliament Know" Fortified Site Kirroughtree.
At the E [East] side of an area of rough
ground and about 1/2 m. [mile] E [East] of Kirroughtree
House is an oblong or circular rocky hillock standing
at the edge of a bank which declines towards
the E. [East]. Except on the E [East] there is a steep
scarp all around rising to a height of about
10' at an angle of 38° and from the edge of
the bank on the SE. [South East] round towards the NNW [North North West]
there is visible a ditch, now shallow, measuring
some 13' in width above the counterscarp of which
to judge from the loose stones lying upon it
there has probably been a wall. At the
point where the ditch appears to terminate
on the NNW. [North North West] there is a single upright stone in
the line of the counterscarp and a row
of stones may be seen converging towards the
base of the scarp. Around the summit
on the crest of the scarp there is visible a
stony mound except across the natural

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