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the space between the largest circle impinging on
a crack on both sides.
I was fortunate in finding this rock. The
schoolmaster who notified it was away on
his holidays and the young farmer who alone
knew their position was leaving home on the
morrow. The marks were entirely covered up & had not been exposed for some years. To him I am indebted for the next
group which he took me to on Broughton Mains
and for which we had a considerable search.

Whithorn Par. [Parish] Rock Sculptures Broughton Mains (Unnoted)
At the E [East] side of the third field E [East] of
the farm house of Broughton Mains
near the central line and some 80 yds. [yards] W. [West] of the
hedge is a flat outcrop of rock measuring
superficially some 17' by 11' and protruding
about 2' above the surface. The whole surface
has a gradual slope towards ENE [East North East] and
also slopes from each side towards a longitudinal cleavage
in the centre which separates the surface into
two divisions. On the N. [North] half along the line of
stratification are a number of small natural oblong
cups measuring at their surface some 6" by 3" and about 2" deep.
Between these and the outer edge of the rock
are three cup & ring markings each connected with
them. At the higher end is a figure consisting

?Central cup
of three concentric rings measuring 6 1/2' across
with a groove from it opening into the adjacent

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