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Some 20' in front of it and passing round
the E [East] flank to the S. [South] is visible an outer mound
in which appear some large stones. The
whole construction has been under cultivation
and its features are consequently much effaced.
It is similar in character to the constructions
examined near Chippermore &c. and like them
it is not placed on the highest part of the
ground but on the slope commanded from

Sorbie Par. [Parish] Claunch Rock Sculpture Unnoted
On a smooth rock surface in a grass
park about 130 yds. [yards] ENE. [East North East] of the farm house
of Claunch and some 70' N. [North] of the adjacent
field dyke are a number of cup & ring markings.
The area of rock exposed measures some 6' x 4'
and it has a slight slope towards the N. [North].
On the surface are five distinct cup and
ring marks and one which is doubtful.
The largest symbol consists of three concentric
rings around a cup mark 1 1/2" in diameter
with a radial groove crossing them
towards the W. [West] the whole figure measuring
11" in diameter. The other markings are
much smaller or have no radial groove.
The rock is divided in sections by cracks
along the strata and the figures occupy

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