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one on the other and a stone at the back.
The total length of the side on which two stones reman is about 9'.6", the
breadth at the inner end 2'.8" and between
the outer extremities of the opposite side stones
2.5". The stone forming the back has
been broken off at a height of 1'.10" above the
ground. The side stones are 3' and 3'.3" in
height respectively. Leaning against the
outer face of the inner stone on the S. [South] side is a
slab 4'.2" in length and 3'.3" in breadth which
has probably formed a part of the roof.
The third cist is situated some 12' to the W. [West] of
the mesial line and faces N [North] by W [West]. The edge
of the cairn is somewhat indefinite in this
direction but appears to have been about 19'
distant. Three stones only remain, two on
one side and one on the other, the opposite stones placed from
3' to 4' apart. On the W. [West] side of the cairn four
large stones remain in the periphery set
at irregular intervals. There is no suggestion
of a frontal semicircle. (See plan)

Cairnkinnar Cairnkinnar Rig (14)
Situated on Cairnkinnar Rig about 3/4 m. [mile] E. [East]
of the shepherd's house at Corrafeckloch is
a large circular cairn which has been
quite recently dug into to a depth of 5'
but there is no evidence that the interment

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