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so as to form a level circular plat with a diameter of 35'
has been utilized as a mote. Around the edge
of this summit there appears ~ a low stony parapet
or wall overgrown with grass. Some 7' below
the summit except on the NW. [North West] and across the N. [North] side
of the crest of the ridge there has been formed a
trench some 10' in width passing through rock
or faced with a stony mound. Along the
crest of the ridge facing the NW. [North West] there remain
the foundations of a wall running towards the summit
and terminating at 15' distant with a return SE [South East].
Passing diagonally up the slope from the S. [South] is
a roadway some 6' in width meeting the
trench on the SE. [South East]. Along the edge of
the roadway above the slope there appears to have
been a wall. At the foot of the ridge on the
SE. [South East] are the remains of walls which have
formed the base court. From the point
where the roadway meets the trench a
wall passes directly to the base for a
length of about 40' beyond which it has
been obliterated, while 65' to the W'ward [Westward]
another wall which appears to have been
of greater strength measuring some 11' in
thickness at base & with large square blocks
on the face at ground level runs out parallel

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