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from the lower level of the road. This wall
has also been torn up except for a short distance.
There appears to have been an entrance through
it near the base of the ridge. A third wall running
from the point beside the roadway where the
second commences seems to have passed
segmentally at 33' distant from the entrance
through the latter and to have junctioned with it
beyond thus forming an outer ward. An
expansion opposite at the entrance through it
suggests the existence of a bailey
On our way home we stopped at
the Old Place of Mochrum which has been
restored by the late and the present Marquesses
of Bute. All the rooms are panelled on
walls and ceilings, for the most part
in unexceptional taste. The stone fireplace
in the gun room with gothic finials and
crockets combining with very natural rowan
leaves and berries was the only detail of
the whole building I disliked . Nothing
could be more charming than the Dutch
garden with its geometric beds ablaze with
colour enclosed by a grey stone dyke.
The weather has been excessively hot for
some days.

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