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sides. The island has been formed of very large
stones and there is no evidence disclosed of
structure in its composition. From the E [East] end of it
a causeway or stepping stones leads to the firmer
ground which has been the margin of the lake.
The size & character of the buildings on this island
are similar to those of the structures on the
islands in Loch Maberry and Loch Ochiltree.

8th July.
Fished on Loch Eldrig on my way back
from Monreith but the wind was in the wrong
direction and I had little success.

10th July 1911.
Writing up notes all day.

11th July 1911.
Motored to Balgrennan where I called on
Mr. Muir the Minister who took me to see an
unnoted cairn.

Penningham [Penninghame] Par. [Parish] Balgrennan [Bargrennan]
About 300 yds [yards] S [South] by E [East] of
Bargrennan Manse and some 40 yds [yards] W. [West] of the
Cree at a spot known as "Scroggie" is a cairn overgrown with grass.
It is oval on plan measuring 43' from
N [North] to S. [South] by 64' from E [East] to W. [West] but part of the
extension in the latter direction appears to
be due to dilapidation. Its greatest elevation
is about 5'.

12 July 1911.
On the rocky shore about 1/2 m. [mile] NW. [North West] of Stairhaven

Fort. Stairhaven (unnoted)
is a small fortified site. A peninsular rock
cut off on the S. [South] by a narrow creek presents

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