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is in crop and the particular rock was not
identified as the marks are probably covered.

Cup Marks Drumtroddan
In a grass field about 1/2 m. [mile] N. [North] of the N. [North] lodge
to Monreith House is a flat rock surface
on which are exposed where the turf has
been removed several groups of cup & ring
markings., (see plan &c.) now under the care of
H.M. [His Majesty] Office of Works.

Standing Stones.
Within a thick young plantation about 1/4 m. [mile] NE. [North East]
of the N. [North] lodge gate of Monreith House are three
standing stones, two erect and one fallen
(see plan &c.) This monument is also under
the care of H.M. [His Majesty] Office of Works

Artificial Island. White Loch Auchness
At the E [East] end of the White Loch which is
situated about 1/2 m. [mile] N. [North] of Auchness and
now almost entirely drained, is a mass of
stones which at one time has formed an
island, measuring superficially some
70' by 80' and in elevation 8' or 9'. Along
the N [North] side is a range of rectangular buildings
consisting of three houses or rooms, the largest
measuring 21' x 13' with walls 2'.6" in thickness.
Separated by a passage 11' wide running from
end to end is another small rectangular building
and at the end of it near the centre of the island
on the S. [South] side a wide inlet for a boat built up both

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