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fortified by two trenches with an intervening mound
and an outer mound beyond and on the N. [North] side
of the interior a wall bounding the rock at the
side of a shallow creek. The inner trench
is 14' in width & 3'.6" in depth & 80' in length while the
outer one is 18' in width. The inner mound
rises to a height of 10' above the outer ditch and
the outer mound is of slight elevation. The
defences are concealed for the most part
by a dense growth of blackthorn and bramble.

Fort Steinhead O.S. [Ordnance Survey] Mote.
A promontory rock situated about 3/4 m. [mile] NW. [North West]
of the Isle of Whithorn, with a
grassy summit at an elevation of some
70' - 80' above high water mark has been
converted into a fort by the erection of
two concentric ramparts with an inter:
:vening level area and a trench in
front. As in the fort further N. [North] on the
coast near Dinnans the outer mound
and ditch have been carried beyond
the edge of the promontory on the N. [North]
so as to enclose a grassy slope rising
from the end of a small ravine.
The area between the ramparts measures
36' across and at is S. [South] end a narrow
bank is interposed for a short distance

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