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N. [North] two massive rampart of stone & earth
with a trench between and another in front.
The inner rampart measures some 32' in breadth at
base and the outer one 38' while the trench
between is 43' wide from crest to crest, and
the outer trench 32' wide. The scarp of the outer & inner
ditches and the counterscarp of the latter
are both very steep, the former measuring in
vertical height 12' and 8' respectively and the
counterscarps 12' and 6'. The entrance
has been direct to the interior over an unexcavated track
in the outer ditch and through
both ramparts some 30' back from the
N. [North] edge of the ravine. The end of the inner
mound on the N. [North] of the entrance has been dug out
for a distance of 22' possibly for a hut and
in rear of it another hollow suggests a similar
purpose. The dimensions of the defences
are taken at a point near the centre where
they are more massive than elsewhere.
On the grassy ridge at the NE. [North East] are two or three
flat terraces which are probably of artificial

Cairn Head Fort. O.S. [Ordnance Survey] Mote.
A narrow rocky point rising only some
20' to 30' above high water mark and pre:
:senting but a few square yards of grassy
surface above the fringe of tilted strata has been

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