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away at the ENE [East North East] into an irregular hollow or pit
some 6' at greatest depth, with its circumference
highest towards the W. [West] and low and irregular to:
:wards the E [East] and ENE. [East North East] in which directions it
comes to the edge of the hillock. With its longest
axis N. [North] and S. [South] it measures in diameter some 24'
by 18' but its extension towards the S. [South] is in
some measure due to delapidation. Along
the NW. [North West] quadrant of this hollow there runs a slight
mound 7'.6" thick at base which from its
position is clearly not defensive nor are there
any works which may be so termed unless
it be a slight terrace passing round the N. [North] end
near the base. With due deference to
Mr. Coles' opinion expressed in the Proceedings
I cannot regard this as a mote of any
kind but consider it most probably an
old kiln!

Twynholm Irelandtown Cairn (S [Site])
On the moor about 300 yds [yards] W. [West] of Irelandtown
is the site of a small circular cairn. An
inconsiderable heap of stones remains on one
side of it but the whole of the centre has long
ago been cleared out.

Irelandtown. Fort
The fort marked on the O.S. [Ordnance Survey] about 1/4 [mile] SSW. [South South West] of
Irelandtown is now practically obliterated.

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