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Borgue Par. [Parish] Conchieton Cairn & Cist
Some 250 yds [yards] ENE. [East North East] of Conchieton Farm enclosed
by a wall & planted with trees is an excavated
cairn measuring about 36' in diameter in the centre of which a short cist is
exposed. The cist is almost a square of 20" in
the interior and is formed of four slabs sunk in
the ground. set N [North] & S [South] and E [East] and W [West]. Forming an irregular ring around
it on the N. [North] where the stones have fallen with a radius of some 2' a number of
large slabs have been placed rising to a
height of from 1' to 18" above the level of the top.
None of these are very firmly fixed. Lying ad:
:jacent to the cist are two slabs
one of indurated sandstone roughly triangular measures
24" by 16" and the other porphyritic & rhomboidal measures
24" by 12". On both these stones are small
markings noted by Mr. Coles as cup-marks.
(See Dumf. [Dumfries] & Galloway Nat [Natural] Hist [History] &c. [and Antiquarian] Soc. [Society] 1889)
The mark on the former is small, 1" in dia. [diameter]
and resembles the mark of a pick, while
that on the latter is more distinct and
measures 1 1/2" in diameter.

Conchieton Doon
On the summit of a conspicuous eminence
situated to the NW. [North West] of Conchieton Farm are
the fragmentary remains of a fort. In
plan it has been oval with its longest
axis along the lie of the hill measuring
interiorly 180' by 110'. In addition to the

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