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Girthon Par. [Parish] Cairn Darngarroch
On the moor beside the [--] burn and
about 1/4 m. [mile] due W. [West] of Dalgarnoch on the
road from Laurieston to Gatehouse on
Fleet is a circular cairn almost entirely
removed except for a small heap of
stones some 15' in diameter and 3' in
height to the N. [North] of the centre. The original
diameter of the cairn has been about 70'.
The interment has probably been disturbed
long ago.

Twynholm Par. [Parish] Cairn Bankben.
On the S. [South] end of Bankben, a low hill
which stands to the NE. [North East] of Loch Whinyean
is a circular cairn in a fair state of
preservation and apparently unexcavated
It measures in diameter some 33' and
in elevation about 4'.

Girthon Harper's Hill.
On the summit of the low hill which
overlooks the road between Barlay and
Gatehouse on-Fleet and about 1/4 m. [mile] to the N. [North] of the
latter place are the remains of a fort.
The hill rises with an easy gradient
except on the E [East] where along the
summit it presents a rocky face
for some 30' or 40' before taking
a more gentle slope to the level
of the road below. Controlled apparently

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by the natural contour of the summit the enceinte
seems to have been in plan a flattened ellipse or
parallelogram with rounded angles measuring
over all 150' from N - S [North to South] by 110' from E [East] to W [West]. The
remains are very fragmentary, the single rampart
probably of earth being best preserved at the NW. [North West]
angle where it is distinct for about 100' measuring
some 24' in thickness at base & 5'.6" in elevation
from the exterior. An outcrop of rock approaching
the fort from the N. [North] has been cut through so as
to form a trench some 7' wide in front of the rampart.

Twynholm Par. [Parish] ?Hut Circle Irelandtown Moor.
On a hillock on Irelandtown Moor a short
distance to the E [East] of the stream which forms the
boundary between Girthon & Twynholm parishes
and about 1/4 m. [mile] NE . [North East] of the farm of Cairn
are the indefinite remains of a small circular
or oval construction, placed in close proximity
to an ancient wall passing by it on the N. [North].
The construction measures over all 36' by 33' and
lies with its longest diameter SW [South West] and NE. [North East]
having apparently had its entrance from the
latter direction.

Girthon Par [Parish]
Cairntosh Hill Cairn
On the summit of Cairntosh Hill surmounted
by a modern beacon is a large circular
cairn measuring 50' in diameter and
some 8' in elevation. A little to the N. [North] of

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