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line 3 missing place is 'the Black Water of Dee' (see the 'Fifth Report and Inventory of Monuments and Constructions in Galloway, Volume 2, County of the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright' (1914))


[Page] 106

Balmaghie Par. [Parish]
Fort. Little Duchrae
Situated at a bend in the road from New Galloway
Station to Laurieston Village opposite Holland Isle
in [--] and about 3/4 m. [mile] by road from
the above mentioned station is a small fort
The site is close by the road in an oak wood and
overgrown with a forest of brackens rendering
detailed observation impossible. The enceinte
appears to be a pointed oval two sides forming a right angle subtended
by a semi-oval curve,
surrounded except
where the road passes it on its lowest side by
a deep and well defined ditch with almost
perpendicular sides measuring about 20' in
width across the top, 6' across the flat bottom
and 5' to 6' in depth. There is no mound above
the counterscarp but the scarp is surmounted
by a slight rampart some 9' wide at base and
2' in height on the inner side. On the road side
which is protected by the water there is no
sign of a ditch but at the base of a steep scarp
some 10' in height there appears to be a terrace
some 4'.6" above the level of the road
in part probably natural where it broadens out
towards the SW [South West]. Measured along
the line of the ditch & terrace the circumference
is 458'. Mr. Coles plan may be referred to &c.

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