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Mr. James Ruthven Occupier
Mr. John Wilson North Mains
Forrest's Co. [County] map
005 [situation] 5/8 mile N by W [North by West] of North Mains.

A small farm house, one storey high, and thatched, with suitable offices, all in good repair; there is a vegetable garden, and arable farm attached; the property of the Ea [Earl] of Selkirk and in the occupation of James Ruthven.
Beecraigs Hill
Mr. James Ruthven Beecraigs
Mr. John Wilson North Mains
005 [situation] Western part of Riccarton Hills.

A middling sized hill, the surf [surface] of which is rough pasture; origin [originally] part of the farm of Beecraigs, but now forming part of the farm of Broomy Knowes; it is one of the range of Riccarton Hills, and is the prop [property] of the Earl of Selkirk.

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