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"On the site of the Cross stands the Cross-Well an object of great architectural elegance and local celebrity. The present Structure was erected in 1805 and is believed to be an exact of the Original except that the Carvings are more finished the proportions of the figures More Symmetrical and the general grouping more harmonious. It is of a fantastic and Whimsical appearance hexagonal in form profusely adorned with grotesque Sculpturing Constantly emitting 13 jets of water from the mouths of curious figures of animals and Surmounted by a lion rampant Supporting the royal arms of Scotland. In its renovated form it was planned and its richest Sculpturing executed by Robert Gray an Edinburgh artist who had only one hand and wielded his Mallet by a fixture upon the stump of his handless arm". Fullarton's Gazetteer of Scotland.
"At the rejoicings in 1662 in celebration of the restoration of Charles II Linlithgow Obtained an unenviable notoriety in Scottish history by the burning of the Solemn League an Covenant. This act was not, however authorized by the inhabitants but appears to have been the deed of the chief actors in it; Mr Ramsay the Minister and Mr R Milne then Dean of Guild both of whom had Signed the document which with every Circumstance of ignomony they then consigned to the flames. In the records of the Council there is no minute hearing upon the incident."
New Stat. Acct. [New Statistical Account] of Linlithgowshire page 173.

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